Rewards Debit Card

The card that is everything you need it to be plus more.

  • Earn reward points for everyday purchases 
  • Connect to a digital wallet on your smartphone
  • Access cash at ATMs

Convenient cash access with rewards for everyday purchases

The 7 17 Visa® Rewards Debit Card gives you convenient access to your 7 17 checking accounts without the hassle of writing a check. Rack up rewards points with every purchase, withdraw money quickly from ATMs nationwide, and use the card wherever Visa® is accepted.

  • Everyday purchases earn ScoreCard rewards
  • Receive an instant-issue card at our Larchmont, Austintown, Canfield or Kent offices when you open your checking account or if your card is ever lost or stolen.1
  • Personalize your card with Mine by Design®2
  • 24/7 access to funds using any 7 17 ATM or PULSE, PLUS or MoneyPass®3  ATMs or other surcharge-free ATMs4
  • Connect your card to Digital Wallets
  • Enroll in Visa® Purchase Alerts to receive near real-time text or email alerts to help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending
  • Added protection of Enfact Fraud Text Alerts
  • Added convenience with Visa Account Updater

For complete details, review our ATM & Visa Check (Debit) Card Agreement & Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure.

ATM-only card is available.

Debit Card Rewards
Earn points on purchases.
Personalized Debit Cards
Customize your debit card.

1Instant-issue debit cards are not available as Mine by Design® Personalized Debit cards.

2No fee will be charged for a 7 17 Mine by Design® Personalized Debit Card. 7 17 Personalized Debit Cards can only be created through the Mine by Design® website.

3The MoneyPass Network is surcharge-free, but a reduced service fee of $1.50 will be charged and appear on your 7 17 account statement, not on the ATM receipt. Save money with MoneyPass by avoiding other financial institution’s surcharges, which may be $2.00 or more. Some MoneyPass locations may not accept deposits at their ATMs from customers of other financial institutions, depending on the financial institution owning the ATM.

4Although you are not charged a surcharge fee, a $1.50 per ATM transaction fee will apply.